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centrale CO2

R744 compressor racks
The racks we design and manufacture include the types:

  • CASCADE (subcritical cycle): with primary condensation circuit in R134a / R449A / R407F or through circuit with water / glycol mixture produced by a chiller
  • TRANSCRITICAL: the configurations of the transcritical units start from the basic BOOSTER system with various implementations that can include parallel compression, regenerative exchangers to allow work with extremely low overheating to the evaporators and therefore increase the evaporation temperature above all in average temperature.
  • BI-STAGE TRANSCRITICS: this configuration of control units allows to work only with low-temperature utility, maintaining a compact system, a good efficiency and a convenient in terms of cost.

The compressors racks always come equipped with at least one INVERTER to be able to modulate the refrigerating capacity of the compressors and optimize the efficiency of the system

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